The taste of history
joins the contemporary kitchen.


Recipies and food from the ancient past, re-proposed to suit the modern palate thanks to extraordinary archeological research.
This is Archeo Food: the taste of knowledge.



Choose our range of samples and explore the delights of Ancient Rome.

If curiosity makes your mouth water, all you have to do is taste. Discover LIBATI Archeo Food: a group of food products created to discover the flavour of ancient times.



Culture comes to life.
Cooking becomes learning.

Events, pubblications, dissemination and moments of discovery.
Archeo Food is culture through food and beyond food. A great story to pour onto your plate.

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There is a way to travel through time.
Through Eating.

Two scholars, one a cook the other an archaeologist and historian, met through a great dream: to bring food and recipes from our most ancient history, back to life. Archeo Food was born from this dream, a project that adds both cultural and educational value to food. Discover our products, live out the experiences we suggest and enter a world without time. Let flavour be your guide

As good as then, as good as today.

Refined ingredients, maximum attention to quality, recipes that respond to a modern way of life, oriented towards well-being. The emotion? That is the same as two thousand years ago.